Wife smiles at husband while riding friend

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Husband films his wife riding and cumming on a friend’s cock. The clip begins with the husband asking if his wife is going to cum on the guy’s cock. She looks at her husband and smiles, ready to start riding faster. She picks up the pace a bit and starts riding him harder. Afterwards she starts to ride him really hard, moaning the whole time, and she suddenly stops taking in the pleasure of a small orgasm. Right before the video ends, it sounds like the friend says that she just came on his cock.

There’s no real humiliation to this, therefore the cuckold tag was left off. Also, there isn’t much context for this video except for the video description which states that the guy is a friend, so the friend tag is being used (instead of the stranger tag). Lastly there’s a standard ‘hotel phone’ sitting on the nightstand which means it’s in a hotel room and is therefore tagged as such.

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