Black wife shared with stranger

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Black wife is shared with a stranger while her husband films. The video begins with the wife wearing lingerie sucking on the stranger’s cock while he pinches her nipples. She takes off her bra and continues to work his cock. The stranger gets to suck on her tits and lick her nipples while she fondles his dick. As he continues to eagerly suck on her boobs, she takes a look at her husband. There’s a brief moment showing the wife with her legs spread wide open while the stranger licks her pussy.

When the stranger finally enters the wife it’s in missionary position. He quickly revs up the speed and is soon fucking her hard on the couch. At 5:40, she sits on the stranger’s cock, facing towards him and rides it. She then turns around and rides his dick while facing her husband. The husband films some good close up shots. At 11:22, the wife licks the stranger and crawls over him into a 69 position. Surprisingly, this position does not happen often in the wife sharing world, at least from what I’ve seen. She sucks and strokes his cock and he licks her pussy. She then sits back down on his dick and begins riding it again.

The video continues to her being bent over the couch and fucked from behind in doggy style and riding the stranger facing him with her tits in his face. This is a unique video in that the shared hot wife is black. Usually the videos feature a white wife, and very occasionally an Asian wife, but that’s about it.

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