Wife posing nude on beach is approached by stranger

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Husband films his wife posing completely nude on a beach in front of strangers. It begins with the wife wearing a skimpy black bathing suit, the top barely hides her breasts and the bottom is a thong. She spins around to show the thong to the camera and follows up with flashing her tits. It skips to her completely naked playing in the sand. It skips around to various poses by the wife.

The best part of the clip happens around ~0:57 and ~1:10 when there’s a stranger behind the wife throwing a rock into the ocean. He’s trying to act like he’s not noticing her and is working up the nerve to approach her. He finally does at 1:43. There are a few more scenes of the wife brushing her hair while the stranger paces around in the back. It ends with the wife eventually taking off her sun glasses and walking into the water.

If I recall correctly, the husband did invite the stranger over for photos with his naked wife. There were several photos of the two together, side by side.

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