Wife exposes herself to strangers on beach

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Hot wife exposes herself to strangers and voyeurs on a nude beach. She is completely nude and exposes her tits and pussy. The clip starts with her legs spread wide open to give the strangers and the camera a very good view. Her husband lays by her side and is complicit in this. The camera pans around to show a voyeur who is staring right at her. The wife lays on her front, exposes her pussy to the beach and begins fingering for stranger. Again the camera shows the guy who has the best seat in the house. The clip cuts to her sitting up on her phone while another stranger sits against a fence and watches. The wife tells her husband to go for a walk and one of the strangers comes over and gives the wife a massage. He rubs some suntan lotion on her and plays with her pussy.

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  1. wouldn’t of needed asking twice to rub cream on her arse, would have been the cream out the end of my cock though