Girlfriend blows stranger

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College girlfriend films herself giving a stranger a blowjob to show her boyfriend later. The deed takes place in the residence hall bathroom. The girlfriend setups the camera to get a good view of the sucking. She takes off the stranger’s pants to reveal an already hard dick. She takes off her shirt and bra and starts giving the blowjob. She re-positions the guy to make sure her boyfriend can get a good view. It alternates between a blowjob and the guy jerking off with her coaxing him. It ends with him cumming in her mouth.

Unfortunately there is little context to setup the video. Was she doing this because they are long distance and her boyfriend wanted it? Is her boyfriend on campus and a already a cuckold?

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  1. I absolutely love this concept, as well as the execution. The idea that a girl grabs a random guy to suck him off and video it for boyfriend is a huge turn on to me. I also love her setting the rules and limitations of the encounter, not to mention how important it is for the guy to cum in her mouth. Well done.