Girlfriend flashing repairman

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Asian girlfriend is completely nude and flashes her ass and pussy in doggy style to the repairman. The video begins with the boyfriend letting the repair man in to fix a “broken tv”. His girlfriend comes out brushing her teeth and is totally naked. She stands by the guy and watches him fiddle with the television. She gets close to the guy to see what he’s doing, but he doesn’t take a look. She lays down on the bed and sticks her ass up in a doggy position towards the guy. For the most part the disciplined guy doesn’t look and focuses on his craft. Though he can’t help himself and eventually sneaks some looks like at 10:45 where he takes a long look.

The creator of the video was kind enough to show shots of what the girlfriend looks like from behind so we can get a visual of what the repairman saw. These shots appear intermittently throughout in the upper corner of the video.

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  1. Great set up – but if I were the tradesman i’d certainly have a better look and maybe even try touching or findering. This lovelt gril deserves a little reward for her cheeky efforts.