Stranger rubs suntan oil on nude wife

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Husband setups his camera in the distance and films his wife having suntan lotion rubbed on her body by strangers. She calls over the stranger who applies the lotion to her back. While doing so, she takes off her top to reveal her tits. She then asks him to rub the oil on her tits and the stranger gets to work making sure the oil covers every inch of her tits and nipples. She then lays down and the guy begins rubbing the oil on her ass while she only wears a thong.

The clip cuts to a second stranger in which the wife gets another stranger to rub lotion on her nude body. She starts it off by having him rub the oil on her back while she is topless. She turns around and has him apply it to her breasts, arms, legs, basically her whole body. She then takes off her swimsuit bottom and the guy gets right to work on her butt and legs. She’s completely naked at this point.

The husband stays hidden the whole time in the distance and the strangers are none the wiser.

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