Wife jerking stranger while husband watches

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The wife cuckolds her husband and makes him watch her jerking off another guy. She jerks the stranger, has her tits rubbed and finishes him off.

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  1. As an older man who’s been divorced for some time now this lady is so freaking hot and a secret I have never told anyone. I would have given anything to have watched my wife like this, I just can’t imagine anything hotter than watching the most beautiful woman in the world (the woman your devoted to) being totally fucked to ecstasy by a strange cock. As it turns out she only did it behind my back. I have been celibate since my divorce but right now I’m thinking how I would do anything for some of this lady’s attention. ANYTHING!

  2. Shannon, you are amazing and I can’t understand why this guy was not instantly hard. Both of us fully clothed and all you would have to do is give me that knowing smile that says you want me to fuck you even if hubby doesn’t like it and you would have me hard all night long. I will probably be emailing you until you tell me I can fuck you, that you want to be mine until we are both satisfied. Damn girl, you are by far the hottest girl I have seen, whereas normally I like smaller breast but not on you, you are perfectly proportioned. And oh yes I do eat pussy until your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you scream for me to eat your pussy.