Wife makes stranger cum fast in adult bookstore

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The blindfolded wife is in an adult book store / cinema ready to blow a stranger. She takes off his pants and prepares to go down on him, but first asks that he tell her when he’s going to cum. She puts his cock in her mouth and starts deep throating and sucking while holding his balls. She takes her mouth off a for a bit to stroke him and then gets her mouth back on him. She goes down on him as much as he can go. She takes the stranger out of her mouth and starts to stroke him. This is enough for him and he announces that he’s cumming. She jerks him off onto her tits. The stranger covers her tits pretty well with his cum.

The wife made quick work of the stranger. He had licked her pussy before so he was worked up, but the wife did a great job with the blowjob. He didn’t stand much of a chance and it only took her 2 minutes. Also, unknown if this is an adult book store or a sex theater. The videos mention both, but the terms appear to be used interchangeably. It seems more likely to be an adult book store since the other videos feature glory holes and they seem to have some level of privacy.

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