Girlfriend masturbates for stranger on cam while boyfriend watches

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Girlfriend is on cam with a stranger. She’s filming herself fingering her pussy while a stranger has his cock out for her. The computer screen is shown so we can see both of the cam windows though it’s hard to make out. The girlfriend is nude and has the cam aimmed straight down at her pussy.

The video jumps to show the girlfriend from the side. She is fingering her pussy and her tits are out. She’s focused on the stranger stroking his cock for her. The guy lets her know he’s almost there and she keeps fingering her pussy, causing her tits to jiggle. She says “cum in me” to him followed by some yeahs. The girlfriend looks over at her boyfriend and smiles. The boyfriend comes over and grabs her tit and then sucks on her nipple.

The stranger lets the gf know hes going to cum soon and asks her to tell him she wants it. She says “I want it” and “cum in me”. The stranger gets off while the gf watches.

It’s a good video showing a girlfriend play on cam with someone else. The boyfriend can be seen and it’s a great setup since he can film her while she plays on webcam with someone else. The girlfriend also engages with the guy by saying a few things to him which adds to it though she doesn’t really take it to the next level herself by moaning and having an orgasm. That’s fine though as this was a playful, fun video.

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