Wife on beach applies suntan lotion to her exposed breasts

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Exhibitionist wife is filmed upskirt in the elevator, showing off her mostly shaved pussy. She shows off her ass as well to the camera man. The wife ends up on the beach and it becomes quite apparent that she is bottomless as she bends over to lay down her towel. She puts on a thong before she removes her top to reveal that she is wearing a very skimpy bikini.

The wife then applies sunscreen to her body, eventually removing her bra so she can apply the lotion to her tits. She continues to apply the sun screen all over her body and her boobs jiggle as she does. For a brief moment she moves her bottom to the side revealing her pussy. She spreads her legs open a little as she applies the lotion over her bottom half. She then flips around.

The wife does a great job acting natural as she is bottomless then topless on the beach. The hat and sunglasses are probably to mask her identity which also help her act normal. It’s not certain whether she’s being filmed by her husband or an amateur cameraman (and the husband gave permission) though she does appear to be a real wife.

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