Husband holds wife’s hand as shes fucked by another man

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Wife is blindfolded, tied to the bed with just a blanket covering her. The husband is filming and another guy pulls up the blanket to reveal the wife’s pussy. The guy starts to lick and eat the wife’s pussy and the wife immediately reacts by moaning and moving her hips. The wife lifts up her legs to expose her pussy to the stranger. He fingers her pussy and rubs her clit with his thumb while stroking his cock.

The stranger enters the wife’s pussy through missionary. The wife moans as the guy fucks her in this position. The husband then takes his wife’s hand and holds it while the stranger uses his wife. She moans a bit more and focuses on the guy pounding her pussy. The wife puts her legs up higher to give the guy more and deeper access to her pussy. He stranger fucks her harder and she starts to moan more heavily. The husband continues to hold her hand through this while the guy plows his wife.

It’s a nice situation in which the husband holds his wife’s hand while she enjoys being used by a stranger. The wife is blindfolded and tied to the bed as well, further adding to the “being presented to be used” scenario. The video quality isn’t great and the angle of the camera towards the end makes it a bit difficult to see. Regardless, this scenario makes for an interesting and nice setup.

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