Boyfriend films girlfriend having fun sex with his friend

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The girlfriend is sucking on the boyfriend’s friends cock while the boyfriend films. The boyfriend then directs the action and tells the gf to ride the friend. She starts to undress and asks if they should do condom, but decide to go bareback. She sucks on his cock for a moment before jumping on. The gf smiles at her boyfriend as she sits on the friend’s cock. She continues to smile as she works herself up riding the friend’s dick. The boyfriend can be heard encouraging her.

The girlfriend is into it and looks at her boyfriend smiling. The girlfriend tells the friend not to cum yet. The girlfriend removes her bra and is completely nude riding the friend. She asks her boyfriend if he wants to go and the boyfriend tells her to keep going, clearly enjoying watching. The girlfriend continues riding the friend and uses different angles to fuck his cock better. The girlfriend look over at her bf several times, smiling and he just keeps encouraging her telling her how sexy she is.

They ask the bf what they should do and the bf instructs the friend to fuck her. The girlfriend is fucked from behind while she is bent over the bent. The girlfriend clearly enjoys it as she lets out some “oh wows” and “yeahs”. The bf puts down the camera as he goes in to kiss his girlfriend. Some wet sloppy kisses can be heard between the bf and gf though the girlfriend continues to moan from being fucked by the friend.

The girlfriend knows what she’s doing. She’s very into being shared and enjoys fucking the friend while the boyfriend is around. The boyfriend is obviously into it and encourages her throughout. The friend and girlfriend are mindful of the boyfriend whose allowed to direct the action and he does somewhat.

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