Asian masseuse gives wives erotic massages and creampies them

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It’s a compilation of a masseuse giving massages to random wives which end up quickly turning erotic. The masseuse approaches “random” women on the streets and offers them massages. Many refuse his offers, but some take the offer of a free massage. He gets each one to unrobe and remove there clothing in various ways, for example, by saying it’s for their health. They don’t go along with it at first or are reluctant, but he ends up convincing them.

He gets to cum in two of there pussies.

  1. 0:00: Blond, married. He creampies her.
  2. 49:07: Blond housekeeper. Don’t believe she’s married as they don’t talk about it. Pulls out and cums on her body.
  3. 93:30. Brunette, married. He ends up cumming inside her pussy and she protests afterwards saying what will her husband think.
  4. 42.40: Busty, blond and married. He pulls out and cums on her.

Although a professional video, it makes used of that hidden massage camera angle. It’s also that time honored scenario of the masseuse seducing clients, but with the twist of it being an asian masseuse who seduces married women and creampies them.

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