Dogging girlfriend sucks and fucks strangers at night

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This is a 40 minute video in which a dogging girlfriend is fucked by and pleasures strangers. It begins with the girlfriend sucking and stroking several strangers’ dicks while she removes clothing. The gf sucks on each strangers’ cock and they get a nice handful of her tits. One of them puts his hand on her pussy and rubs her clit. The girlfriend has pierced tits and a nose ring. She continues to stroke there cocks for a bit while the stranger’s fondle her breasts, and touch her body and pussy.

The girlfriend continues stroking and sucking their cocks. They reciprocate by protecting her from the mosquitos, and grab her tits. Another person can be heard joining the group. One of the strangers gets his hand inside the girlfriend’s pussy, fingering her.

At 18:50, the girlfriend prepares for sex and spreads open her legs for the guys. She smiles as she presents her pussy. There is a guy grabbing her tits while she strokes his cock. Her pussy is exposed and a stranger steps in. He briefly rubs his cock on her clit and puts it in bareback. The girlfriend can be heard breathing as the stranger fucks her with his cock. He fucks her for a bit and then another stranger steps in wearing a condom. He fucks her harder. The boyfriend pans the camera over to her face and she’s smiling.

Another stranger steps forward and fucks her bareback. He doesn’t last long and pulls out, cumming over her pussy and body. He then slips his cock back in her for a moment. Another stranger puts his cock in her and instantly cums. He rubs the cum all over her clit and pussy. The bf gets a good shot of his girlfriend’s pussy covered in other men’s cum.

At 32:00, the girlfriend gets up and starts servicing the strangers. She strokes and sucks their cocks. One of them jerks off into her mouth while she sticks out her tongue for him.

This is a great outside nighttime dogging video. At 40 minutes, there’s plenty of filmed action and the boyfriend did a good job filming especially in such a low light situation. The girlfriend appeared into it as did everyone who attended which is always good.

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