Wife gets strangers cum in mouth at glory hole

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Wife is sucking a cock at the glory hole. She is holding the stranger’s cock wit her hand while using her mouth. She alternates between using and not using her hand. She really works the cock and as the guy pulls his cock away she gives it a little lick and tries kissing and sucking it before he completely removes it.

The stranger at this point is close to cumming which is why he’s pulling away. He brings his cock back out and she only gets her mouth on it for a few seconds before he needs to take it away again. This time when he puts his cock back out it’s for good. The wife uses her mouth and quickly gets him cumming. The husband appreciated this he comments on it in encouragement. Unfortunately, we do not get a good view of her getting a mouthful. The extra little licks and her trying to get at the cock as it’s pulled away make for a nice interaction at the gloryhole.

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  1. You guys have a great site here. If I may suggest: quicker additions, more facials, and more story lines. Cheers.