Wife lets stranger remove condom during sex

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The wife is on the couch with her legs wrapped around another man while the husband is filming. The other guy and the wife are kissing while he is having interracial sex with her in the missionary position. The wife is clearly into it as she is breathing heavily and has her legs wrapped around the other guy. She has her hands on him. The stranger then whispers to the wife, asking her permission to remove the condom. The wife replies “it’s only fair”.

The stranger removes his condom, and slowly slides his cock back into her, bareback. The wife and stranger both seems to like it. The stranger tells the husband how good the wife’s pussy is and the husband agrees it saying she’s got a good pussy. The stranger tries to get back to the missionary position, but he has to stop soon after as he’s holding back from cumming. He tries to alter his position, but that doesn’t work either. He decides ‘screw it’ and fucks the wife hard and quickly cums from her pussy. He pulls out and cums on her body.

The only thing that could have made this better would have been if the stranger came inside the wife’s pussy. Though that may have been forbidden, though they did remove the condom…Either way, a great video with interaction between all. Including a great talk about how powerful the wife’s pussy was which the husband (and wife) probably really enjoyed hearing.

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