Dogging wife fucked from behind by stranger

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Wife is sucking a stranger. She says that she should probably get her boobs out and she takes them out. The stranger quickly gets a handful of her tits. She continues to blow him and then asks if he wants to get his dick in her. The stranger of course says yes. The wife gets up against the car and presents her pussy for him.

The stranger quickly gets to work fucking her from behind. He grabs her tits a few times and puts his hands around her hips to give himself better leverage to fuck her. The stranger moves his hips around as he fucks her from different angles. Cars can be heard nearby in the background.

The stranger continues to fuck her from behind, even holding onto her lingerie. We hear the stranger moan and slow down, which means he most likely came inside of the wife’s pussy. This isn’t unusual for the wife as there are other videos on this showing her having stranger cum inside her while fucking her from behind.

The video will be tagged with cum in pussy since it’s very likely he got off in her though it cannot be confirmed. Also, don’t forget to check out her other videos. Lots of unique interactions with strangers.

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