Girlfriend fucked by friend while boyfriend lies next to her

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The girlfriend is being fucked by the friend while looking at the camera. The boyfriend is near them stroking his dick and watching. The gf looks up at the friend and moans. She puts her head on her boyfriend’s chest and they even kiss while the friend fucks her. She even moans as her lips are next to his. She turns and faces the friend who also kisses her.

The gf tells the friend that she wants him to cum and that she isn’t asking him to, she is telling him to. She says she’s about to cum. They alter positions and she recites again telling him to cum in her. He tells her she is close and she says good because she wants his cum in her. She tells him she wants to be his little cum slut. The friend speeds up and fucks her harder. She again tells him to cum in her. At this point he doesn’t last long and the friend cums in the girlfriend’s pussy. They kiss afterwards and the friend says he came so hard inside of her. She replies that she knows because she felt it. Meanwhile, the boyfriend is on the bed next to them the whole time.

This is a great video for a few reasons. First, the girlfriend seems really into it: she starts off moaning and then changes gears and begins to dirty talk, telling the friend she wants his cum in her. Second, the camera stays focused on the gf’s face and we can see a myriad of facial expressions including when she’s talking dirty or looking into the camera. Lastly, the boyfriend is by them the whole time and she even has her head on his chest while she’s moaning from the friend’s cock.

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  1. That is the sexiest video I have seen. Very sensual. What a turn on to have your woman next to you where you can feel her sexual tension while she is being fucked by another man. The fact that they let the friend cum inside her is awesome. I have watched my wife fuck another man and we allowed him to cum inside her as well. I then fucked her right afterwards so I could feel his hot cum inside her pussy. It was such a turn on for all three of us.