Boyfriends buddy fucks and creampies fun girlfriend

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The boyfriend’s buddy has his fingers the girlfriend’s pussy and is fingering her pretty deep. She’s enjoying it as she’s wet and moaning. The girlfriend lets out an “oh fuck” and laughs as the friend slaps her pussy. The girlfriend s then positioned over the friend with her ass in the camera. The friend still manages to reach in and put his finger in her pussy. The girlfriend then gets on top of the friend and starts to ride him. Only a little is shown as she just gets finished fitting his penis in her and didn’t have time to get going yet.

The video does a little skipping around as we jump from the gf being fucked in missionary position to her being eaten out. Then it looks like the buddy gets to hold the camera as he pounds away at her. The only way to identify it by the bracelet around the wrist. The friend then gets to fuck her in doggy style position which she appreciates. The video again skips around a bit and settles on the finale involving the missionary position. The friend is fucking her hard in this position and ends up cumming in the gf’s pussy. The boyfriend comments that it’s deep in there and the girlfriend agrees. She laughs and says “you got me good”. The bf gets some close ups of the creampies and comments on how hot it is.

Everyone in this video was a good sport and really seemed to have fun. The friend kept up the pace and was clearly into fucking her. The boyfriend enjoyed it as evidenced by the several positive comments. And the gf laughed a few times during it and was into it.

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