Blindfolded wife eaten out by stranger sneaked in by husband

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The wife is laying in bed with a blindfold on. She has her legs spread open using a Hitachi vibrator on herself while rubbing a stranger’s cock through his pants. She doesn’t know that it’s a stranger yet and the stranger pins her hands down and she immediately reacts to it. He pulls down her lingerie and sucks on her nipples. The guy gets onto the bed and starts rubbing her pussy and kiss around her legs which the wife appreciates. The husband goes over to the wife and pulls an earbuds out of her ears. She was actually listening to music, wearing a blindfold while the stranger watched her vibrate herself.

The guy pulls off the wife’s top and starts sucking on her nipples. The husband says that she’s been edging herself and tells her she is not allowed to cum. The guy removes her panties and the wife is completely nude in front of the stranger while he himself is clothed. He starts to lick her pussy and she reacts strongly right away. The husbands right she must have been edging herself as she is moaning and twitching quickly. The guy has his mouth wrapped around the wife’s pussy and she is moaning.

The husband pulls off the wife’s blindfold to reveal to her who is eating her pussy. She looks up and watches the stranger eat her out. It’s hard to tell if the wife is surprised to see the stranger eating her out instead of her husband because she is very focused on being eaten out. She moans and lets out a loud “oh fuck” followed by some more twitches.

After further reading, the wife figured out the was another stranger in the room by his smell. When the guy leans over her that is when she figures it out. Although apparently, it made her very hot to learn that there was another guy who was watching and about to handle her. It appears the husband setup this scenario by putting headphones and a blindfold on his wife and then sneaking in a stranger. Also, the fact that the wife edges herself with the vibrator and then is eaten out by another man who quickly brings her to a climax…well, it’s an incredible and unique setup.

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  1. Actually, while he’s eating her out, her husband put her hand on her breast. That was the moment when she realized there were 2 men in the room and she let out a loud gasp.