Wife jacks off stranger for fast cum while others watch

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The wife is fully nude on a beach and is stroking a stranger’s cock while she rubs her pussy. We can see a brief moment of the stranger’s hand moving around up top, meaning that he’s groping the wife’s breasts and fondling her while she rubs his cock. The stranger is clearly into it as he’s vocally expressing his enjoyment of the hand job. The wife continues to press her clit and chuckles as the stranger moans a bit. The stranger cums soon after from the wife’s handjob. The wife laughs a little more.

Throughout this scene we can other stranger’s nearby. One of which is stroking his cock, perhaps in anticipation. This setups a dogging scenario as the wife is surrounded by multiple nude guys who are watching and jacking off, ready to go. This also takes place in the dunes of Maspalomas, but this wife is not the same wife as the video that was just posted before this one. These are different wives. Maspalomas is a popular place for husband and wife couples to get their exhibitionist and dogging kicks.

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