Wife and stranger mutual masturbation on beach

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The video begins with a title caption indicating it was taken in Maspalomas. A reasonable portion of the Dunas de Maspalomas is designated as a nudist beach. Many videos have been taken by husbands and wives in this area. The video even begins with a nice view of the dunes overlooking the ocean. Then it cuts to the action.

The wife is laying on a towel while a mature gentleman is sucking on her breasts. She has her tits exposed, but is still wearing her bikini bottoms. While the older stranger plays with her pussy, she rubs his cock which is very hard for her. They remove her panties and she spreads her legs a bit to give her husband a nice view. The stranger gets to work fingering her pussy and the wife continues stroking the stranger’s cock.

When the angle changes, the wife has her legs spread open and the stranger is within her legs positioned above the wife in an almost missionary position. The wife is stroking the guy’s penis while he continues rubbing the wife’s clit. In both angles they are engaged in a nice form of mutual masturbation. It sounds like the husband asks if they need a condom and the wife shoots down the idea? Or perhaps it was the stranger asking? Either way, they continue in what they are engaged in. It cuts over to the stranger jerking off and getting close. She takes over and soon after she has the stranger cumming. He cums on her stomach. They are still positioned in this missionary type position with the wife’s legs spread apart.

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