Wives shared through reverse glory holes

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A short clip from a movie of a wife sharing and cuckold’s fantasy. The husbands stand by their wives who are half inside of an opening. The top of them is clothed, but they are nude and/or have their skirts hiked up on the other side of the opening. A man, on the side where the wives are exposed, wakes past several wives and finds one he wants. He kneels down in front of her, spreads her legs, and begins to eat her pussy. The wife reacts by moaning and the husband watches her facial expressions.

The scene cuts to later on where the whole area is populated with guys. All of the wives are being used and other men stand by watching and waiting for their turn. Some are clothed and some are fully nude, embracing the scene. One guy comes over to another guy who is busy fucking a wife, moves him aside, and sticks his own dick in the wife’s pussy. As he fucks this wife, there is another guy watching him. A brief cumshot is shown of a guy cumming on a wife’s pelvic area.

This scene is from a movie titled Romance (1999).

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