Older wife rides younger stranger and lets him cum in her

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It’s a younger guy with an older wife. Wife is on the couch, in doggy position, taking it from behind. The wife is smiling as the guy fucks her this way. She turns around and starts to suck his cock. She uses her mouth and her hand at the same time. She takes the young stranger’s cock out of her mouth and strokes him. At 2:13 she looks at the camera as she’s licking the guy’s cock. She continues to use both her mouth and hands to work the guy’s dick.

It then cuts to the two kissing next to the couch. The guy is feeling the wife’s boobs and pinching her nipples while she rubs his cock. She then goes back down on his cock and he puts his leg up on the couch to give her easy access to him. She gets her mouth over the guy’s dick and begins to lick and suck on it. At 8:41, she mouths the words “I love you” to her husband, the cameraman. She continues to blow and work the guys dick which the guy seems to be enjoying.

The wife then gets on top and rides the younger stranger’s cock. He pounds away at her from the bottom position while she rides him hard. She moans and says “oh yeah”. At 11:51 the stranger asks the wife if he can cum in her and she says uh huh. The husband chuckles. Soon after the young stranger cums in the older wife’s pussy in this position. The husband gets a close up shot of the cock in his wife’s pussy. We can then see the creampie in her pussy.

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