Wife and stranger interracial mutual masturbation on beach

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If this does not load, go here to view it: http://www.voyeurstyle.com/watch/14841/horny-stranger-strokes-his-dick-while-my-wife-rubs-her-clit/

A white wife is showing her pussy and masturbating for a black stranger on the beach. The stranger is jerking his cock on the beach while the wife is in a tent rubbing her clit. Her legs are spread open towards the stranger exposing her pussy and ass to him. She gently rubs her clit for him. The husband pans the camera back and forth between his wife and the stranger. She is gently rubbing her clit while the stranger is vigorously beating his cock. The stranger gets closer to the wife’s pussy, with his cock quite close to her pussy, and she puts up her hand to signal to him not to go in.

The stranger instead settles on rubbing the wife’s leg. He seats his left hand on her leg while she continues to rub her clit. The husband moves the camera up and provides us with a better view of the rest of his wife’s body. The stranger suddenly starts cumming and the wife reacts quickly to put her leg up to shield her pussy from him. However, the stranger does get some of his cum on her foot.

A more satisfying end would have been for the wife to let the stranger to cum on her. Also, it’s too bad a music track was added over the audio. However, overall, the glimpse into an interracial mutual masturbation scenario is unique and good.

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