Wife tells husband story about cheating on him last night

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The wife is stroking her husband’s cock and she begins to tell him a story about cheating on him last night. She says it was her friend’s brother and he put his hands on her. She tells her husband she liked it because he hadn’t touched her in a while and masturbation only gets you so far. She strokes and sucks on her husband. She continues saying she put her hand on his thigh and knew the guy’s cock was massive. Once she knew how big it was, she had to have inside her. She says it just started with some petting and foreplay.

The wife continues with the blowjob and the husband asks if the guy asked about him. The wife says no and the husband responds right on. The wife says she left with the guy. When he tried to put his cock in her mouth, she gagged and wanted something so big in her. She felt like a tight virgin after being with her husband for so long. She says she decided to sit down on that massive cock. It hurt, but felt so good. It took time to lower herself on it.

She continues that he hit spots her husband never hit. He thrust deep and he pounded her hard and fast. The wife says she always begs her husband for it hard and fast, and she was begging the guy the same way. She says she didn’t want him to cum in her pussy because she wanted to give her husband a kiss when she got home. She says got under the guy’s cock and stroked him into her mouth. She said she got every last drop. It looks like the husband cums soon after this, after the music kicks in.

The wife tells a great story and it goes on for a bit. I’m impressed with how much detail she put into it and how she seemed to get into it. Since this story involves cheating and the wife comparing the other man’s penis to her husbands, this video gets the cuckold tag.

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