Dogging wife left naked in forest for strangers

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The wife is left completely nude in the forest for strangers. She is also wearing a mask to hide her face and is blindfolded. Her breasts and pussy are freely available for anyone to use. A stranger makes his way over to her and starts to suck on the wife’s nipples. He begins to touch her pussy and another stranger comes up from behind. He begins to play with her nipples while also grabbing her tits. Meanwhile, the first stranger has gone to fingering her pussy and comes back up to suck on her nipple.

The two continue to fondle the wife for a bit. The first stranger takes out his cock and pulls the wife down. She begins to suck on his dock. It looks like the second stranger is fingering her pussy. There is a third stranger nearby, playing the role of a voyeur and watching. The two strangers continue to grope and fondle the wife, and the wife is rubbing their cocks. The first stranger goes back to rubbing and fingering the wife’s pussy and it looks like she is into it. He goes down and licks her pussy a bit. The second stranger has been enjoying the wife’s big tits.

The wife gets on her knees and begins sucking on the second stranger’s cock. She then sucks on the first stranger’s cock. She says protection and it’s almost a whisper. She only says one word. The husband hands a condom to the stranger to use on his wife.

The couple did a great job presenting the wife in the forest. She’s all nude, with her tits and pussy exposed, for stranger’s to come by and enjoy. It’s an interesting dogging scenario with other voyeurs watching. The wife wears a mask to conceal her identity and is even blindfolded.

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