Wife fucked hard by craigslist stranger

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Wife is fucked hard by a stranger who answered a craigslist ad. The description on the video says that they posted on craigslist to find an aggressive and dominant guy. Well, they did. He fucks her hard with a big cock throughout the video. It begins with the wife being fucked by the stranger in missionary position, legs up in the air, on their bed. The stranger alternates between slow/gentle and hard/fast, though he settles on fucking her hard which the wife appreciates.

He grabs her by the head and brings her mouth onto his cock. He stands and fucks her mouth and she complies. She’s put back into the missionary position and the stranger fucks her more, keeping the pace up. He moves her into doggy position where he continues to fuck her hard and he grabs her hair and pulls her head back. The video ends with him standing and pushing his cock into her mouth.

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