Wife sharing in hotel with friend

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Video was submitted by a fellow Love Sharing Hot Wife User, JustBe77.

Husband films his hot wife fucking a friend in a hotel. He eventually joins in briefly for a threesome though most of the video includes just the wife and friend. The video starts with the wife sucking on the friend, getting the friend’s cock really hard. She continues to tease his dick, stroking and wrapping her mouth over it. The friend begins to fuck the wife in missionary, and they continue fucking in missionary for a bit. At one point the video transitions and the wife no longer has her lingerie on. The sex changes to doggy style where the wife moans in pleasure and fingers herself. The husband pops in for a moment to get a close up. The friend doesn’t last long in this position and cums on the wife’s tits at ~8:02.

The end of the clip involves a brief threesome scene in which the husband is eating out his wife while she sucks on the buddy.

This video is a bit harder to tag because it appears to be a combination of two or three even different times. For example, at the end the guy wearing the grey socks who cums in the shared wife’s pussy…is it the husband or friend? I think it’s the friend, but I’m not sure. I’m going to leave that out of the tagging. I’ve seen this video before and it always appears as different clips.

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