Dogging wife gets multiple creampies from strangers on beach

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Wife in doggy position is fucked by several strangers on the beach. The wife gets on all fours and although she is wearing a top and skirt, her pussy is exposed. The first stranger examines her pussy, spreading apart it and her ass apart to get a good look. The stranger doesn’t waste too much time though and pushes his cock into her pussy. Interestingly, this is a married stranger as he has a ring on. He grabs her hips as he fucks her and it doesn’t take long before he’s moaning and cums inside the wife’s pussy.

The next stranger is ready to go and he goes right in. The wife gets down on her arms which gives better access to her pussy. We are shown a great up close shot from below of the stranger’s cock stuffing the wife’s pussy. And as with the first, it doesn’t take long before the wife receives her second creampie.

The wife is shown standing up and she gestures to another stranger to come over. He comes over and rubs the wife’s pussy while jerking off. He sticks his cock into the wife, grabs her hips and begins to fuck her. As he gets going, the wife can be heard breathing as she enjoys having this stranger taking her from behind. The guy leaves the wife with another creampie and she stays in the doggy style position for the next person who is waiting and ready.

The fourth stranger is ready and takes the wife from behind. This one lasts a few seconds. This time a close up is shown of the wife’s pussy after and the cream pie can be seen. Obediently, the wife remains in this position for the next stranger. The wife lowers her top, revealing her breasts, and a stranger goes to his backpack. She gestures no with her finger. The camera pans up and three other voyeurs can be seen stroking and watching. The wife has quickly turned this area into a popular spot. The video ends with the wife in doggy style position, waiting.

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