Wife receives nude massage from stranger – Part 3

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A white wife gets an erotic massage from a black masseuse while husband films. In the last part of this series, the masseuse finally gets to work on the the wife’s pussy. He puts his left hand on her ass and uses his other hand to finger the wife. It looks like he is using his middle and ring fingers? Regardless, he gets in deep. The wife begins to breath and it takes a few seconds before we hear her moan for the first time. The masseuse speeds up his fingering and the wife moans.

The masseuse takes his fingers out of her pussy and the wife reacts by thrusting her ass up signaling that she wants more. The masseuse teases her by running his hands up her back. He then puts his finger back in her pussy and she continues to moaning. The masseuse changes it up and alternates between moving his fingers up and down and in and out. The wife moans loudly as he changes direction. The masseuse takes his fingers out and the wife has spasms. It looks (and sounded) like she had an orgasm. He gets back to fingering her and she continues to moan.

The masseuse moves his fingers rapidly and she moans very loudly. The wife has positioned her ass up to give better and deeper access to her pussy. The masseuse again takes his fingers out and goes back to running his hands over her back. The wife has another miniature spasm.

This video is the last part of a 3 part series.

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