Wife receives nude massage from stranger – Part 1

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Wife is laying down on a massage table and is nude except for stockings and high heels. She is receiving an erotic massage from a black masseuse while the husband films it. The masseuse focuses on her ass and rubs and pushes together her ass. He then moves to the other side and runs his hands up her back to her shoulders. He stays with the shoulders for a bit and uses his other hand to get at her back. The wife lays there with her butt, and probably a little bit of her pussy, exposed for the masseuse. He moves back to and rubs his hands across her butt again while lowering his head where he can easily see more of her.

Unfortunately, this video was broken apart into 3 smaller parts. I will add each part of the video. The last (3rd) part does include the “erotic” aspect so check it out once it’s up.

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