Wife at glory hole gets two creampies from strangers

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The wife is at a glory hole and when the video begins she’s already been servicing the cock. She says “I wanna slide this one in my pussy” and she gets up against the wall slowly guides the cock into her pussy. Her husband encourages it and she moans as the cock is pushed into her. It looks like a really tight fit and the guy starts fucking her. He doesn’t last long and ends up cumming inside her pussy. The husband gets footage from below as the cum drips out of her pussy. The wife thanks the stranger saying “thanks for the creampie”.

The video cuts to when another guy arrives at the gloryhole. She’s waiting for him and encourages him to get undressed. She turns to her husband and says “I love this place” then begins sucking the cock. She sucks him for a bit and says to her husband “I love cock”. The husband gets a nice close up of her masturbating her pussy while she sucks the stranger’s cock. She presents her pussy to the cock and the stranger greedily takes it, pounding her through the hole. It doesn’t take long before the stranger is head moaning as he cums in her pussy. The husband captures footage of the second creampie from below.

After more research, it looks like this husband and wife team started out with the husband just sharing her. Eventually, they ended up making more professional-esque videos as she is being shared, but ultimately she is being shared.

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