Wife and garbage man share a quickie

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The wife has a camera setup in the garage. She looks into the camera and say’s “Here come my friends” implying the trash workers. The truck can be clearly heard in the background. She walks out with her trash, wearing no bottoms and just revealing lingerie. The conversation between her and the guy can be overheard and she says that she can take care of him right now. It alludes to them having talked in the past. He comes into the garage, unzips and she takes his cock in her mouth. She works his cock for a bit, then he gets down fucks her in doggy style. The wife moans while he stranger fucks her on the garage floor though it’s a bit hard to hear because the truck is still running. A very quick fuck, no time to turn off the car.

Just as quickly as it started, it ends. I don’t know if the guy got off or how it ended, but he runs off and the wife says to the camera “naughty girl”. The real drawback to this video is that we don’t see any of the action. It’s all hidden from our view. But that’s how it goes with these types of self filmed videos. Also, the relationship between the two is difficult to tell. It seems like they’ve flirted before this and this was his time to get lucky, I don’t think they have a prior relationship to this, hence the stranger tag.

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