Girlfriend sucks friend in front of boyfriend and other people

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A very unique amateur videos involving a girlfriend being shared with a friend in front of other people at a party.

The girlfriend is licking the friend’s cock. She puts her mouth around his cock and uses her hands at the same time. She goes down and licks his balls too. She then takes the friend’s cock and smacks it against her face. She gets back to sucking on his cock and other people can be heard talking to the cameraman. A woman asks “You didn’t get enough” and then says “You can go all night long”. At least 2 other girls and a guy can be heard in the background.

The girlfriend continues and the boyfriend jokes a bit with her. She speeds it up and uses a combination of her hands and mouth. The friend doesn’t last long and ends up cumming in her mouth. He sounds blown away by the finish and the girlfriend “wows” all of his cum. She even thanks the friend.

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    1. there is one more clip out there that I have found. google “Shared Latin Wife”

      It’s her sucking and fucking 2 guys, one of them obviously the bf.