Girlfriend fucks several strangers in one day

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Girlfriend films herself fucking 5 different strangers for her boyfriend. The different scenes happen at:

  • Stranger 1: 0:07
  • Stranger 2: 11:38
  • Stranger 3: 16:15
  • Stranger 4: 22:24
  • Stranger 5: 32:58

According to the talk between the strangers and the girlfriend, her boyfriend put up an advertisement to have her fuck several guys in one day. She had no problem meeting the quota. The boyfriend is not present at the time and it was incumbent upon the girlfriend to film all of the encounters. A lot of the scenes follow a similar format which probably means the bf and gf discussed how it should go down. She does moan throughout all and does seem genuinely into it despite her claiming that it’s not her thing and that’s its only for her significant other.

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  1. This is one of the best videos i have seen on internet….content wise, wish quality was better. She is so hot and would pay to see more of her. This was amazing

    1. Agreed, wish the quality was better. Especially when the lights go out, it’s difficult to see. Great (and unique) scenario though.