Wild wife helps stranger cum deeper in her

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Wife is having interracial sex and helps a stranger give her a deeper creampie.

The wife is riding the stranger bareback while she moans loudly. The guy spanks her pretty hard, leaving her ass a bit red, and she says “that’s really deep” while she continues to moan and I’m pretty sure I heard a growl. She continues to ride him and comments again that it’s really deep. She then picks up the pace and the guy lets her know that if she continues at this pace then he will cum. It doesn’t take long and he does cum. She grabs onto his legs to left him up and bit and help him cum deeper inside her. She’s moaning/growling during this. She then comments about it being sexy and starts laughing.

They start up a bit afterwards and she has some more dirty talk, including asking if he likes fucking her white pussy. The video ends soon after.

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