Wife fucks stranger and talks about his big dick

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The wife is sucking on the stranger’s cock while he fingers her pussy. She then asks the stranger to put his dick in her because it’ll feel good. He complies and sticks his cock into her pussy in the missionary position. He is slow about this as the wife isn’t used to the size.

The wife comments several times about how big the stranger’s cock is. At 1:15, the wife says that she can’t believe how big his dick is. At 1:49, she laughs about how big it is and says it is the biggest dick ever. She then says she needs to re-position herself to take the stranger. At 2:22, it sounds like she says “You can’t compete” and it is safe to assume that it is to her husband, therefore this video gets the cuckold tag. The stranger then places himself over her and begins to fuck her faster. The wife wraps her legs around his waist and puts her hands around his head.

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  1. My wife and I both love fucking other people in front of each other. We both have found it makes our sex so much more enjoyable. Although being with others feels great, we both know each others bodies best and can satisfy each other the best. But there is noting like seeing my hot wife taking a huge cock. Seeing her face is such a turn on.