Stranger walks into hotel room and fucks waiting wife

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The story is that the wife is waiting, bent over a bed, in a hotel room for a random stranger to come and fuck her. The husband gives a stranger the keys to the room for the stranger to go in and fuck his wife. The video shows the wife waiting, wearing a revealing skirt and no panties. The stranger enters and quickly takes off his pants. He raises her skirt and gets right to it, putting his cock in her. He starts off, but she pushes herself against him and he picks up the speed. The wife moans, seemingly enjoying this scenario.

The guy picks up his speed and grabs onto the wife’s hips for better leverage. He pounds her away from behind. He doesn’t last long and ends up cumming inside of her pussy. He takes his cock out of her and walks out. He pauses in front of the wife for a second and the two actually look at each other and she smiles.

I’m inclined to consider this video authentic. The wife and husband have other videos of the wife involved in gangbangs so her being shared isn’t anything new. Additionally, there are videos of the wife having sex with other people, and the person in this video does not resemble her husband. It’s a unique and hot situation.

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  1. You’re sort of right. It’s “real” in the sense that this is clearly – from the bed protector livery – a UK Premier Inn economy hotel, containing the glorious Rachel. She sells it, her husband and/or she tapes it, then she sells it again on her own website, sometimes inviting members who have paid a subscription to star with her. Glory holes, dogging, strangers, full on bareback cumming, mouthfuls, you name it. All good, dirty, fun; oh to be in Rachel, now the summer’s here……