Wife teases and has foreplay with stranger

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Wife greets the stranger in the hotel room and they begin to kiss. She then turns around and rubs her body against his. He kisses her and gets a handful of her ass. They continue kissing and fondling each other until she pushes the stranger on the bed and straddles him. She takes off his shirt and then has his take off her pants. She puts her mouth all over his cock through his underwear. She undresses him and reveals his cock while she is fully clothed for a short cfnm scene.

It jumps to the wife only wearing a thong, and she climbs on top of the guy. She rubs her pussy across his cock and ends up sucking him. She plays with him for a bit and then she begins to ride his face and he eats her pussy out. The wife enjoys this. The next scene shows her teasing the stranger by rubbing his cock between her butt followed by the two 69ing for a bit. The wife teases the stranger by acting as if she will slide her pussy down onto his cock, but she doesn’t. She does this a few times and laughs. Then finally, the stranger the wife puts his dick into her pussy, half way, at 14:28. It’s only half way though and she doesn’t allow him to go in her all the way.

The stranger then teases the wife by rubbing his cock on her clit. He does this for a bit and then goes down on her. At 18:33, the two masturbate in front of each other. She rubs her pussy in front of him while he strokes in front of her. At 19:04, it shows them having sex in missionary. They fuck with her legs up in the air and then she balances in midair while he fucks her from the bottom. There are good shots of her sliding up and down on his cock from this angle.

The stranger then fucks her hard in doggy style position. She rides him hard and there’s lots of moans from both partners. The stranger ends up cumming while she is riding him on top. He cums while he is inside of her, but he is wearing a condom. The two relax for a bit in this position.

This a good video and it features a teasing, seductive wife who engages in plenty of foreplay with her the stranger she is about to fuck. It’s a bit of a different video because other videos usually don’t show any foreplay or the lead up to the sex.

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