Wife fucks stranger while husband films outside bedroom

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Husband stands outside the bedroom and records his wife fucking a stranger.

The husband walks up to the bedroom where his wife is fucking another man. He secretly films the two interacting. He zooms in on the wife and stranger kissing and embracing each other. The wife grinds her pussy against the guy a bit. The guy reaches down and starts playing with her pussy. She then sits on his face and he eats her out while touching her breasts and body. She reaches back and rubs his cock.

The wife gets off him and starts sucking his cock. She works him for a bit and then she gets on top of him. His dick quickly slides into her pussy and she rides him. After fucking in this position for a bit, she continues to ride him, but movies into a squat type position. The guy begins to get up and the husband hides.

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  1. That’s so cool, that woman looks much like my wife from the back! It won’t take too much imagination to think about my wife banging another dude with this one! So yummy!