Wife and stranger fuck wildly

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Wife and stranger are fucking wildly while husband films it.

The wife rides the stranger’s cock and quickly picks up speed on him. He responds by fucking her hard from the bottom. The next scene is of the stranger fucking the wife in missionary. However, this isn’t any normal fucking. He’s jack hammering her, fast and hard. She responds by spreading her legs wide open for him, even holding her legs back at one point. They both moan during this and even kiss each other. The wife lets our a few moans and even throws a pillow out of the way.

The stranger continues fucking her, harder as he gets closer to cumming. They say something to each other which I can’t make out, but it does sound like she gives him permission to cum in her. From the sound of it, he does end up cumming inside the wife’s pussy. She has her legs wrapped around him and they both kiss each other. The interracial sex between the two is great, if only the video was longer.

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