Wife and stranger have intense missionary sex

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Wife and stranger have hot and powerful missionary sex.

The wife is being taken by the stranger from above, in missionary position. She reacts positively to this position. He takes is slow, but appears to be fucking her deep. He continues in this “from above” position, but also puts her legs up in air on his shoulder. The wife squirms and appreciates it. The guy then gets down and they engage in more traditional positioned missionary sex. Her legs are up and she moves her hands all over his back. Clearly, the wife is into it.

They continue fucking in the missionary position and the wife continues to run her hands all of the strangers back and ass. The guy takes it slow, probably to keep from cumming. Towards the end, he decides to pick up the pace and the wife starts to moan heavily. However, he doesn’t last long and ends up cumming in her pussy. No creampie is shown, but it’s obvious that he cums inside her.

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