Wife shared first time anal sex

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Please note this video will most likely not work on mobile devices. Unfortunately, it was the only version I could find of the video. You’ll need to use a desktop to view it. If someone has a better version then please pass it along.

Wife has anal sex for the first time with a lover while the husband films it.

The video begins with a short scene of the wife sucking on the other guy’s cock. Then she gets on all fours, in doggy position, and the guy enters her pussy from behind. She’s clearly into it as she pants and audibly moans. The guy is into it too. While he is fucking her, he also uses his finger on her ass to warm her up. He takes his cock out of her pussy and starts to put it into her ass. She allows him to do it.

The video cuts to her having anal sex with the lover. The husband films it from below and close up so the penetration can be clearly seen. The guy continues to fuck her in the ass for a bit. He follows it up by fucking her in the pussy.

The description of the video specifies that the guy is her lover. Therefore, the friend tag is used instead of the stranger tag.

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