Nude wife asks gardener to rub oil on her

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A nude wife interacts with the gardener, asking him to put suntan oil on her and help look for an earring.

The video begins with the gardener working in the back while the wife undresses herself. She takes off all of her clothes and lays down. At first she lays down facing the camera and spreads her legs wide open. Then she turns to face the gardener and asks him to put some suntan lotion on her back. He walks over and puts it on her back and on her legs.

She continues to lay face down on the chair and then she briefly fingers her pussy and spanks herself. The wife calls over the gardener again and tells him that she lost an earring. He comes over and helps her look for it. She bends over in front of him several times. The gardener walks over and talks to the wife for a bit. After he leaves the wife spreads her legs open again towards the camera and rubs her pussy.

I’ve seen this video before and I’ve seen another video with the same wife. If I find it then I’ll post it as well.

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