Girlfriend makes out with pizza delivery guy then fucks boyfriend

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The GF kisses and makes out with the pizza guy while wearing revealing lingerie. She asks him if he likes her outfit. He’s quite into kissing and making out with her, he even holds his credit card machine/printer the whole time. After he leaves, she laughs out loud.

The video jumps to the girlfriend being fucked by her boyfriend while she still wears the stockings. She has her ass up in the air on the couch and the boyfriend fucks her. She moans while she is being fucked. The boyfriend finishes by cumming in her mouth.

The drawback to this video is that it is a cam girl. So, kissing the pizza guy was for the cam show rather than only for her boyfriend. However, she still wore exposing lingerie, was warmed up by and (very mildly) shared with the delivery guy before being fucked by the boyfriend.

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