Wife ass fucked by two different men

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Wife receives anal from two different men while the husband films.

The clip begins with the first guy fucking the wife hard in her ass. She has her hands on his legs and is grunting as he pounds away. He does slow down a few times, but not for long, and continues fucking her. At around 2:14, the guy fucking her exclaims “married woman’s ass”. He does pin her against the bed with his hands in a dominating type move. He then continues fucking her and holds her hands back. He asks her “where’s my dick” and the wife responds “in my ass”.

The husband, filming the action, then says “tag team”. The first guy gets off of her and the next guy jumps in. He also puts his dick in her ass and quickly ramps up the speed. There’s no break for this wife. They must have agreed to rules where if the husband says “tag team” then it’s the next guys turn. The husband has some control over the action and I will not tag it as cuckold even though the first guy dominates the wife and has her say dirty things out loud. Also, the husband says “tag team” and it is not clear if the first guy actually came in her ass. It doesn’t look like it, so it won’t be tagged as such.

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  1. She looks like she is hot but a face and body shot would have been nice. A little longer with the second guy and a few comments by her of how much she loves anal sex and that these guys owned her while fucking her ass.

  2. Poster said video not tagged cuckold because husband seems to have control over what’s happening. BUT towards the end he says “If I was unlocked I’d be next” Sounds like he actually IS a cuckold.