College girlfriend fucked by friend while boyfriend films

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GF is filmed by BF fucking his friend in a dorm room.

The video begins with girlfriend and friend kissing each other while she is slowly undressed. The friend takes off his pants to reveal his erection, he sits down and she starts sucking on his cock. He turns her around and bends her over the bed. He begins fucking her while she is bent over the bed and she immediately responds by moaning. He picks up the pace and she responds with more sighs and moaning. He then turns her over onto the couch (?) to prepare for missionary style. She does sneak a look at her boyfriend behind the camera at this point.

The two kiss and he goes down south. She again looks at her boyfriend in anticipation. The friend then moves back up, begins kissing her. Unfortunately, the camera man had decided to rotate his recording device (most likely a phone) and the video at this point ends up sideways and then upside down. The gf goes down on the friend again for a bit. This is followed by the friend sexing her in the missionary position which she really enjoys: she wraps her arms around his neck, interlocks her legs around his and ups the moaning. The missionary sex with kissing is done for a bit.

The two then have sex in doggy style position. Again, the video is rotated and we are forced to view it sideways then completely upside down. The video ends with her being fucked hard in the doggy position. Despite the random orientations of the camera throughout the video, this video is a good one.

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