Wife used by stranger gets into it

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The wife is being fucked and used by a stranger. She doesn’t appear too interested at first, but as the video goes on she gets more into it.

The wife is fucked in missionary and her legs are in the air. The stranger works her pussy, fucking her as her legs and hands are on his shoulders. She has her eyes closed and appears focused on it, but there’s little reaction from her. HE continues to fuck her in this position and her mouth opens a little and a barely audible moan or two are heard.

The wife puts her legs down and the stranger fucks her harder in a more standard missionary position. She suddenly opens up to the experience and begins holding the stranger’s face while asking him to kiss her. She begins moaning more loudly. This results in the stranger speeding up and she responds positively.

This is the same wife from an earlier compilation video which actually shows her being fucked by this same stranger. It means that this stranger may have turned into a lover, but in this video it appears that it may be their first time together. I have nothing to go off except for body language and that it looks like they fuck differently in the compilation video. Or, it can be all in my head. Either way, the stranger tag will be used, and kudos to the husband for filming (and posting) her encounters.

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  1. This is my wife! It’s not the same woman as the either video.
    It was taken in Antigua many years ago. This guy worked at the pool and been seducing her for a week, getting her drinks etc. One night he invited us both to a disco at the hotel. Staff were allowed to attend. He carried her drinks all day and spoilt her that night. He came to the room with us and one thing led to another and ended up fucking her bareback. She was pissed hence why she wasn’t responding much. It was also her first time shared and her first black cock. she was nervous.

    1. If you aren’t messing around then it’s an honor! Was she pissed because he went in bareback? And are you saying the compilation video linked to isn’t her?

      1. It’s a pleasure to share her video! Let’s put the bareback into her lack of experience. Don’t think she thought about it until the next day. She was annoyed with her self for loosing control and a bit angry for me for not stopping her. She was very drunk and does loose her inhibitions after a few drinks, this explains why is isn’t very reactive to his fucking. It was great night, but it was the only time I have seen her fucked, and I yes I did dump my load in her used pussy.